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SoftEnglish is a developer and publisher of learning materials specially designed for absolute beginners and students of all ages with learning difficulties, mainly dyslexia. The developer of SoftEnglish, Ms Daniella De Winter, created an “alternative” learning program while managing her own private school. This program facilitates the learning process to young beginners and offers unique solutions to people who never succeeded in learning English due to language-based learning difficulties and deficiencies (ADD, ADHD, high functioning PDD) The methodological approach is different from the common approaches and is certainly not considered mainstream.

The method is unique, highly effective, down to earth and facilitates the learning process to improve its effectiveness.

About the Autor 

Daniella De Winter set up her own private English school over 20 years ago and has been teaching for many more years, though never within the traditional ministerial schools. During her early years, she dedicated herself primarily to teaching adults, rendering her perspective consistently and uniquely different from mainstream methods. Over the years, she has developed special methods for teaching adults English reading skills and has specialized in providing solutions to dyslectic readers. This working path also led her to develop an innovative and extremely successful pattern-based methodology for teaching the English language. These methods have since been incorporated into her own brand of books and games which have proven to be lifesavers and life-changers for so many students all over the world. 

About The Method

The SoftRead method relies on and teaches the logic of reading i.e. it is more logical and less photographic by introducing the sounds of the letters and immediately connecting them to “sound units”. Each letter is associated with three images which share the same opening sound and help students remember the sounds the letters make.

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Join us in our mission to transform the way English is studied and taught worldwide as a Soft English partner. We actively seek dedicated and motivated individuals take part in our journey and increase their income.

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