SoftEnglish is a relatively new brand of learning materials specially designed for absolute beginners and students of all ages with learning difficulties, mainly dyslexia.

SoftEnglish is a result of more than 30 years of teaching experience in the private schooling market.

The developer of SoftEnglish, Ms Daniella De winter, created all the materials while managing her own private school, which offers unique solutions to people who never succeeded in learning English due to language-based learning difficulties and concentration deficiencies (ADD, ADHD, high functioning PDD).

YoungSoftRead is a collection of three books which introduce all letters in the English alphabet and their sounds. This method immediately combines new letters with different, already learned sounds. YoungSoftRead also teaches the principles of combining sounds through the use of pictures without any previous recognition of the letters beforehand. By using the pictures, the child learns the technique of reading (the picture expresses and represents a sound, and the child must connect all of the sounds together to begin forming words).

YoungSoftRead also practices writing and reading regardless of understanding the word or having a previous visual introduction. New vocabulary is learned as more sounds are acquired for Non-English speakers. For English speakers, correct spelling of basic vocabulary is mastered.

Advantages of this method:

This method is successful in providing the technique of reading to those who find difficulty reading and/or have reading disabilities such as dyslexia. It is also able to successfully prevent dyslexic failures in the first place.


SoftRead method:

This method is based on the logic and rules of reading (it is more logical and less photographical).

Displays a combination of the sound of the letter and a picture representing the letter displayed.

Instant combination of letters/sounds into syllables and words.

Combination of sounds is used to read words without any meaning or significance.

Inability to recognize the word prevents global or photographic reading. Instilling vocabulary acquisition and mastering of spelling is dependent on the reading patterns.

User-friendly and simple explanations.

Accompanied by colorful illustrations.

There is a very large range of tasks (circling, coloring, sorting, copying, comparing, and filling in the blanks).

This method is suitable for independent learning as well.



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