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This book has been specially designed to meet the learning needs of students with language-based learning difficulties, such as dyslexia. It teaches all the letters/sounds of the English alphabet as well as the combination of sounds. It guarantees the proper acquisition of reading skills in only 10 lessons.



SoftRead consists of one book, designed for beginners, age 7 +, and adults. This book introduces all letters of the English alphabet and their sounds and then immediately connects the letters into sound units. The method uses many nonsense words to prevent “global reading”. The book, of course, teaches how to write the letters, paying particular attention to the correct writing direction. The method practices writing and reading regardless of vocabulary knowledge and/or previous visual introduction. Throughout the book, vocabulary is introduced in correlation with the newly learned letters including “fill in the blanks” exercises. The method uses phonetic dictations as a learning tool.

All the explanations and instructions are in Arabic.


  • Circling
  • Highlighting
  • Colouring
  • Word-word matching
  • Stickers
  • Reading
  • Filling in the blanks
  • Comparing
  • Phonetic dictation
  • Sorting

The method promises that even students with Reading difficulties, including Reading disabilities, will learn easily.

The book contains 156 colourful and illustrated pages that explain and teach all the basic writing secrets.

Advantages of the method:

  • Based on the logic and rules of reading (it is more logical and less photographic).
  • Displays a combination of letter sounds and pictures representing the letter displayed.
  • Instant combination of letters/sounds into syllables and words.
  • Combination of sounds is used to read words without any meaning or significance.
  • Prevents global or photographic reading.
  • Fosters vocabulary acquisition and mastering of spelling through a proper understanding of reading patterns.
  • User-friendly and simple explanations.
  • Accompanied by colourful illustrations and illustrated summary.
  • A wide variety of activities.
  • Suitable for independent learning as well.
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