YoungSoftRead – Level 3 – עִברִית


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This book, specially designed for young learners age 4+, teaches English reading skills in a unique and highly practical way. In this book, students learn the letters a, u, h, r, s, v, w, j


This method is successful in providing the technique of reading to those who find difficulty reading and/or have reading disabilities such as dyslexia. It is also able to successfully prevent dyslexic failures in the first place.

Part 3 of the YoungSoftRead Collection introduces the following letters and their sounds: a, u, h, r, s, v, w, j. 

The method introduces the sounds fo the letters and immediately connects them into sound units to teach reading from the very beginning.


circling-  highlighting –  colouring –  symbol-letter matching – cutting – pasting – string deciphering – reading – filling in the blanks – phonetic dictations

  • Sound Letter A
  • Sound Letter U
  • Sound Letter R
  • Sound Letter S
  • Sound Letter V
  • Sound Letter W
  • Sound Letter J

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