ABC memory Game

A two-level game perfect for introducing all the letters of the ABC in a fun and dynamic way! It also includes 2 letter combinations (sh, th, ch, qu) and the variations of c and g sounds.
With a twist to the traditional memory game, players have to find three cards to make a set. Each set is made of a graphic representation of a letter and two pictures which match the opening sound of the letter.
These games train phonological awareness, opening sounds of the pictures and their corresponding letters and memory.


rummy style game

¨That´s it!¨ is a fun way to practice reading and improve your pronunciation!
With dynamic rules, hand-drawn pictures and a twist to the traditional rummy game, this game will keep everyone hooked on
By combining pictures with their written word, players have to make sets and try to be left with no card in their hands.
Test your vocabulary knowledge as well as your concentration and memory.
Suitable for fluent English readers of all ages!


numbers & animals puzzle

A fun and interactive way of learning the numbers and the animals! Including singular and plural forms. The first step to teaching and learning simple mathematic operations in every language!
Numbers 1 to 20 accompanied by hand-drawn pictures of animals.


How to play our games!

Vocabulary Memory Game - Find 3 to make a set

Vocabulary Memory Game - Find 3 to make a set! How to count the score