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SoftEnglish is a relatively new brand of learning materials specially designed for absolute beginners and students of all ages with language-based learning difficulties, mainly dyslexia.
It is the result of more than 30 years of teaching experience in the private schooling sector. This unique method brings together, in a practical way, most of the experts´recommendations on dyslexia.
We believe that reading, as a tool, should be regarded as a technique, and should be practised as such to achieve automation.
At SoftEnglish we offer a different, untraditional and innovative approach to teaching English reading.

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The SoftRead method will ensure no learner is left behind due to unsatisfactory or poor decoding. It has been specially designed to meet the difficulties dyslexic readers face but has become very efficient to teach any learner whether with or without reading difficulties or language disorders.
The SoftRead method relies on and teaches the logic of reading i.e. it is more logical and less photographic.  It introduces the sounds of the letters and immediately connects them to “sound units”. Each letter is associated with three images which share the same opening sound and help students remember the sound each letter makes.
The method does not rely on previous language knowledge or textual clues.
The ultimate purpose of the method is to train the eye to identify the different sounds that compose each word and, hence, prevent global reading and dyslexic failure. This eye-training is done through a series of simple tasks such as highlighting, circling, copying and sorting.

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The fastest way to learn to read and perfect your reading skills!

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There is a student package for everyone! Whether you are a homeschooling parent of very young children, a special education teacher for teenagers or an adult who wants to perfect his reading skills, we have the right package for you!




Inbar Yoseff

I have been teaching for 14 years now and working mostly with students with learning disabilities and difficulties. I have been using SoftRead and SoftTalk books for the last 5 years and I couldn´t be more satisfied. All my students work with these books and show significant progress in a very short period of time. These books are remarkably helpful and excellent tools for studying English, especially for those who have dyslexia, memory problems, etc.

I truly recommend these books and I am sure I will use them for many more years.

Riana Mallah


Riana Mallah


I get a lot of students who are extremely weak readers, and who have no decoding ability or strategies for reading. SOFTREAD 1 and 2 books have been extremely effective, providing them with the TOOLS and the strategies they need. I now use the books for 6 LD students, including 2 Dyslexic students.

I also use the SOFTREAD book for all new 3rd grade students, as I find my students read much better using it, and much faster than the program used in school. They also love the card games that support the book.

I have used many reading books, and this has been the most effective for me!

Thank you so much!

Tammy Ben Yosef

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Tammy Ben Yosef

When my granddaughter started learning with soft read she could barely recognize the letters. Ella has many learning disabilities, one of which is dyslexia. At school, she is unable to learn and to keep up with the class, even with a special aids teacher. But since learning with soft read she is reading, writing and understanding English. She has to work a lot but has gotten remarkable results. I recommend this series of books and games for all your students.


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Marija Dzonova

SoftEnglish is an excellent collection of books aiming to combat dyslexia. It offers a well structured English teaching method accompanied by assisting material (games, posters and extra activities). According to this method, the material is broken into chunks, the teaching and learning process is gradual but efficient and the student is motivated to improve their reading and comprehension skills. Although SoftEnglish is prepared for young learners, it can be used for beginners from all age groups. Activities are dynamic and entertaining. As a SoftEnglish representative in Macedonia, I strongly recommend this method!


lisa stephenson-33-Modifier

Lisa Stephenson

SoftEnglish books and games are well thought out, clever in their simplicity and clarity of presentation and explanation, unique in their pedagogical approach, useful for helping not only dyslexic learners but also those learning English as a foreign language. They work well with adults or children, are highly effective in a short period of time, and require no special skills to use. A lifetime of experience wrapped up in one simple and highly effective method of teaching those with language-based difficulties, but also ideal for anyone wanting to learn the basic skills to allow them to read and write in English.





Csilla Jaray-Benn

SoftEnglish´s method is absolutely eye-opening and gives many solutions in order to bring success for dyslexic learners. I highly recommend the cards and books.




Natasa Merkas

I first came across SoftEnglish material when I discovered their threesome memory games. I was happy when I found these games. Something fresh – memory with three cards: two picture cards and a word card! I’m also very interested in dyslexia and teaching students with language-based learning difficulties, and I found webinars, offered by SoftEnglish, on how to teach reading to young learners with the help of this special method. I highly recommend SoftEnglish materials which are specially designed for students with language-based learning difficulties, but it can also be well used with other students, even adults. 



Debra Hardstaff

My daughter, a dyslexic native English speaker, found ADVANCED SOFT READ really useful for associating sounds and spellings.  She found it helpful to have the examples and exercises.  She gained a lot in confidence for writing English with this method and has since been applying for jobs in the UK.  The method covers many different sounds.  The pictures are useful for non-natives to learn the language too.

As an English teacher, I regularly use the Soft English card games to help adults learn and revise verbs and adjectives.  We often have a lot of fun using the cards to learn, get to know each other better and to revise opposites, as well as testing our memories.



JoAnn Salvisberg-Smith

Daniella de Winter’s Soft English materials provide educators with tools to teach reading to dyslexic learners of all ages and others who cannot learn by the ‘whole word’ approach. The practical, down-to-earth games and materials are easy and highly effective. Learning by hearing the sounds of each individual letter as it is ‘spoken’ in the word helps students recognize and learn patterns to decode words (…) Daniella De Winter has developed brilliant methods and materials to help these challenged learners! I was privileged to learn about them at the ETAS conference in January 2018.