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Marija Dzonova

SoftEnglish has an excellent collection of books aiming to tackle dyslexia. It offers a well structured English teaching method accompanied by supporting material (games, posters and extra activities).

Tammy Ben Yosef
Teacher & Grandmother

When my granddaughter started learning with SoftRead she could barely recognize the letters (…) But since learning with SoftRead she is reading, writing and understands English.

Joann Sakvisberg Smith
Teaching Expert

The practical, down-to-earth games and materials are easy and highly effective

Lisa Stephenson

A lifetime of experience wrapped up in one simple and highly effective method of teaching those with language-based difficulties, but also ideal for anyone wanting to learn the basic skills to allow them to read and write in English.

Csillia Jaray Benn

SoftEnglish´s method is absolutely eye-opening and gives many solutions in order to bring success for dyslexic learners. I highly recommend the cards and books.

Reading Therapist

My name is Susan, and I am a Reading Therapist from Argentina. I am excited to share my personal experiences as a dyslexic who overcame barriers to achieve her goals and prove that learning a foreign language is possible. I have gained expertise in modelling for other dyslexics, and I have found that the SoftRead method has been instrumental in validating and consolidating most of my practices.

Orli Tisch
Teacher & Parent

I started using the Young Softread book 1 with my son who was at that time in grade one. The Young Softread programe is suitable for very young children who have not yet acquired fluent reading in their own native language. From the very first lesson, he was combining the letter sounds he learned into words and reading them. The activities in the book accompanied by the high quality Softenglish games kept him focused, engaged and having fun!

S. Adam

I was 69 when I heard about Ms. Daneilla and her method. I decided to give it a last chance and approached her. I am not a native speaker of English and I have severe dyslexia due to an injury and probably a brain damage. I am a very active person, a business man and a social activist. But reading English was a big challenge. I didn’t know the sounds of the letters. I found it very hard to recognize the letters and to pronounce their sounds in isolation let alone to blend them into words. I confuse the letters, I add sounds, I ignore letters… when I already know a word I can “read” it although it is not there… Oh, I am so dyslexic … even today after almost two years my reading is not fluent. But I am so happy with the method and with the results. This is the only method that succeeded in teaching me to read. All the extra techniques help me identify the patterns of reading and pronounce them. Thanks to the reading I now know some English. I can make sentences and express myself. I can read and understand although still slowly. Knowing English has been a dream for me and is now coming true. I can’t recommend the SoftRead method enough.

Parent to a child with learning diffrences

Abigail came home overjoyed and in shock that she understood the material easily.

Happy Parent
Mother & Father

What did you do to him? He went to the lesson happily and when he came home he said that learning English is fun. As soon as we got home, he wrote three sentences to show his father and me how well he’s doing.

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