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Digital Learning Games

Pre-reading training and vocabulary acquisition

Unique digital learning games for beginners and

for special learning needs

Playing games plays a crucial role in learning. The more complex and challenging the learning process is, the more games should be integrated into the process.

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Advantageous Characteristics:
1. Personalized learning pace.
2. Engaging and enjoyable learning experience.
3. Alleviates difficulty and boredom.
4. Provides opportunities for success and overcoming learning challenges.
5. Boosts confidence and recognition among peers.
6. Effective tool for repetition and practice.
7. Enhances the brain’s memory function.
8. Improves social bonding and skills.
9. excellent for students with ADD, ADHD, ASD, dyslexia and other language and learning disorders and needs.


Pre-reading games

introducing and practising the ABC letters and their corresponding sounds, training phonological awareness.

Vocabulary games

To learn and practice basic vocabulary: colors, animals, nouns, verbs & adjectives.

A teacher’s panel

A specially dedicated panel to train phonological awareness and phonetic dictations.

What is so special

  • Play and retain for life

  • Reading & vocabulary games

  • Helpful with language disorders

  • Helpful with ADD, ADHD, ASD

  • Suitable for ESOL & English speakers

  • Pre-reading games


The program consists of 2 categories:

  • vocabulary games
  • pre-reading games
  • each category consists of 5 games in 2 paths:
    a learning path – face-up matching games
    a practice path – face-down memory games
    The games are organized into categories and levels, each containing five games.

In Every route, new words are added, starting with 8, then 12 and 18.
18 colors
18 animals
36 nouns
36 verbs
36 adjectives
total of 144 words.

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