The Wall

by Daniella de Winter

& Florencia Fojgiel

a high wall stands between the student and the language

students with learning differences and language disorders feel blocked by an invisible wall

it is our duty to introduce and implement different approaches and different methods to bridge and overcome the differences

Dislexia e inglés – un enfoque distinto

by Florencia Fojgiel

qué es la dyslexia y como podes ayudar a tus hijos y alumnos a aprender inglés con éxito

conocé los principals conceptos sobre dislexia, como se manifiesta y cuales son sus características.

Los niños y niñas con dislexia tienen todas las condiciones para aprender un segundo idioma.

could dyslexic reading be overcome and prevented

by  Daniella de Winter

& Florencia Fojgiel

the importance of accurate reading for language acquisition

decoding is a technical skill which comes prior to comprehension

dyslexia is a disorder that can be remedied with order and practice based on logic

the highway to successful learning

by Daniella de Winter

& Florencia Fojgiel

hope and confidence enhance positive learning which will lead to success



how to engage the discouraged student who has experienced failures to even want to meet a teacher

it is part of a teacher's job to instill confidence in/into his or her students


by Daniella de Winter


a little about the method to teach reading

a little about the importance of reading, the barrier of reading for dyslexic brains and some characteristics of the SoftRead method.

everyone can learn to read: native speakers and EFL students, with or without dyslexia. It all depends on the method, the facilitator and the dedication of both: the student and the facilitator.

The importance of logic

by Daniella De Winter

The importance of logic in the process of language learning.

the value of logic when teaching English to students with leaning challenges and differences

logic will enhance efficiency and long-term memory and retention

the teacher and the student

by Daniella de Winter

The importance of teachers in the learning process and the value of encouragement.

encouragement affects the learning process and shapes it

The teacher should build a relationship with the student over time, fostering a receptive attitude towards learning and an appreciation for the process. This will result in a positive change in the student's attitude and academic achievement.

the importance of deciphering

by Daniella De Winter

deciphering in the logic-based learning process

deciphering as an example of a logic-based approach to acquiring reading skills.

pre reading activities as deciphering make reading easier to acquire

Don’t just take it from us

Real stories of teachers and students

Marija Dzonova

SoftEnglish has an excellent collection of books aiming to tackle dyslexia. It offers a well structured English teaching method accompanied by supporting material (games, posters and extra activities).

Tammy Ben Yosef
Teacher & Grandmother

When my granddaughter started learning with SoftRead she could barely recognize the letters (…) But since learning with SoftRead she is reading, writing and understands English.

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