More than 30 years of field experience, development & creation are now available on digital platforms.

We have been teaching students with special needs of different ages, removing all barriers to experience success.

Hello there, I’m Daniella.
I am the developer and creator of the products.

I regard myself as a methodologist and a remedial learning therapist which have both affected all I have created.
I strongly believe that everyone deserves to learn easily despite disabilities and learning differences. I passionately give webinars, talk about, instruct and train teachers and parents how to effectively use our products.

Hey there I’m Florence!
I provide support in the journey of making English accessible and available.

I believe that no students should be left behind when it comes to learning English. When there is a will there is a way and when a child, young adult or adult want to learn English the important thing is to find the right tools that will lead him/her to success.

Hey, I’m Yael! I’m here for your friendly interaction with the new digital platforms of SoftEnglish Global.

Same as for reading English, I believe that user experience should be unnoticeable, effortless and even delightful.
I have witnessed the SoftRead method making miracles and my jaw dropped.

Hey everyone! I’m Isaac and I am a shareholder, in charge of finance & logistics.

After being in accountancy for tens of years, this is the first time I am really involved in creation. I truly believe in the great potential the company has and, in its products, which can change people’s lives.

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